CKS S.r.l. has been working with plastic moulding since the late 60 '. The production began with the moulding of bicycle saddles and even today this activity is an important part of our business. .

By the time the production has grown considerably, thanks to the ability to print a wide range of articles, the result has been achieved with a progressive increase in number of injection molding machines and investement on human resources..

The experience with the production of components and kits for office chairs began in the 1984, In five years a rapid development turned CKS. into one of the major plastic components supplier of the Friuli district. Now the company produces and sells his own line of office chair kit, we are now present in several countries around the world (France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Germany, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, Nigeria, Marocco, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, U.S.A, South Africa and Australia).

Since 2007 the company has increased his range of products, with the production of flowerpots and other product for nursery and floriculture.

Together with the production development we strengthened the internal workshop, born to provide tools maintenance and to fix malfunctions quickly. As time goes on the toolshop has achieved an increasingly important role increasing his specialized skills, until now when we are able to produce tools by ourself, specially for bike saddles and chair components, we are also in position to produce tools for our customers.

In the 2014 the company has started to invest into injection molding with gas assist reaching a solid experience in this field.

CKS S.r.l. is a custom-oriented company, which seeks to provide a quality product and after-sales services. This way to act, joined with our flexibility and the ability to responde to user's needs, allows us to build a trusting relationship with our customers.

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